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David Zitting

Hi, I'm David Zitting and I'm the CEO Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

I, David Zitting, love my wife. Here's the story of how we met:


The receptionist in our building was always trying to hook me up with girls. One day I walked in and she said, “Dave, I have found your wife!” I was instantly worried and almost ran to my office, but she had always been nice to me and I wanted to be polite so I inquired further. She said it was a girl who worked on my floor. “The beautiful dark-haired one on the other side of the building,” I asked her, stunned. She said yes. Her name was Tracy and apparently she had asked about me. The receptionist told me I should call her because Tracy’s company was leaving the building the next day. Not only that, but it was her birthday as well. I called her and asked her to lunch right away. She told me she was busy because of the move, but that we could go out soon.


A week later we went to lunch. We went to lunch quite a bit after that. I kept asking her to dinner and she kept making plans for another lunch. I was starting to get frustrated because things didn’t seem to be moving forward. Upon confronting her about our endless lunches and no real dates, I found out she had been recently engaged. She had actually given the ring back to him right before her birthday so it was still fresh.


David Zitting's Background

David Zitting's Experience

CEO at Primary Residential Mortgage

Present | Salt Lake City Utah

David Zitting's Interests & Activities

I love the outdoors of beautiful Utah. I chose to live here because of the amazing lakes, mountains, rivers, and winter sports. I fly, bike, climb, and anything else that involves the outdoors.

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